Sept 1, 2018:  Avina Media announces the establishment of its hub of operations in Madrid in the fall of 2018.  We welcome partnerships with producers,  companies, and networks throughout Spain open to developing projects with potential fo both national and international export.  We are particularly interested in projects that bring entertainment and background technology components together.  We hope to be a maverick connecting the dots between television, digital, and mobile, for all ages.  Please reach out to us via the Contacts page.   Somos tri-lingue!   Spanish, English, French.

October 26, 2018:  Avina Media will be at C21's London Content conference November 27-30.  We look forward to meeting more of our colleagues throughout Spain, as well as in Europe, America, and beyond.  Come say hello to us in London, if not before.

Dec 3, 2018:  Avina attended Content London Novembre 27-30, and was covered in Spain's leading entertainment news website, Audiovisual451: