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A Treasure Beyond Price

What if you had to travel half way around the more to be all the dog you can be? Hide Text

The Incredible Escapades

What it characters from famous novels could see our world from their book? And then find a way to escape from their classic novel... out to us? more If you could meet any character from your favorite novel, who would that be? Based on the Hollywood script "Riverbound" from Andrew Bakalar, a finalist in the Disney Fellowship Writing Competition. Season 1: Oliver Twist, Othello, and Don Juan. Hide Text

A Rose of Andalusia

From AVINA MEDIA SL (Spain) and AVINA MEDIA LLC (USA) comes a 12-part dramatic series, revealing the complex life of Spain’s greatest poet and playwright of the 20th century, Federico Garcia Lorca. more
Avina's dramatic series will attempt to reveal to global audiences who Federico Garcia Lorca was as a real person, and a genius who transformed modern poetry and theater in the Latin world. We will try to reveal the truth about his relationships with his family, with famous friends like Salvador Dali and Luis Buñuel, with his often unrequited love affairs that at times led to some of his greatest works, and the series will seek to explore in greater,
 more authentic detail than in previous productions the actual
 figures and circumstances that contributed to his tragic, shocking assassination at the outset of the Spanish Civil War… an event he might have prevented.
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A deaf woman is the sole survivor of a medical trail aimed at hearing restoration, funded by an unknown government organization seeking to leverage scientific innovation for government more
When it’s discovered the treatment not only restored her hearing but dramatically expanded it, so she can hear things on the frontier of sound, like the frequency of the human mind when it thinks (a true scientific fact), Liza's life heads in a new, dangerous direction.
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Hemingway: Of Wars and Women

For decades Ernest Hemingway has been shrouded in myths fashioned by others. But between fact and fiction lies an untold story of a husband to four women, a father to three children of two marriages, a friend to poor and rich, famous and infamous, white and black and other, straight and even LGBT. Hemingway could be combative and disloyal, but who among us is without fault? more
In this thoroughly researched dramatic informed by experts on his life and works and those who actually knew him, Hemingway: Wars and Women reveals the true to life story of a man of genius who was as much a product of what he came from, as a rejection of it. He was an expat for most of his life, yet authentically American. The series will draw new links between Hemingway’s novels set in Europe – particularly Spain, France, and Italy – with the people in his life closest to him, particularly the woman who influenced some of the greatest literary masterpieces of the 20th century.
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